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There are basically three types of Gulet available in Turkey, the standard Gulet, the Ayna Ketch and the Tirhandil. All three types are essentially motor sailing yachts, raising their sails when the wind conditions are most suitable. Of the three types, the Tirhandil is the most suited to cruising under sail.

Trawl around the Internet and you will come up with a number of conflicting descriptions for each of the Gulet types and where they originated.

For the prospective buyer of a Gulet all that is really needed, is to know the basic difference between the three types and the advantages and disadvantages of each depending on its intended primary function.



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This is the original vessel from which the Gulet and Ayna Ketch are thought to have evolved. Originally a sailing cargo boat collecting and delivering goods around the Eastern Mediterranean since Roman times. Today in Turkey the term Tirhandil is used to describe a Gulet that closely resembles the original design with a pointed bow and a stern that almost mirrors the bow. Tirhandil owners are proud of the fact that the Tirhandil is a superior sailer to the other Gulet types. With its classic lines and saucer shaped hull the emphasis is on style rather than cabin space and charter boat functionality.
The Tirhandil, noticeably different from the Standard Gulet below. Curves in every direction, even a large wooden rudder at the stern.

Standard Gulet
The standard Gulet is similarly shaped to the Tirhandil with a rounded and undercut stern, but usually larger. The increase in dimensions, the addition of a mast or two and subtle modifications to the hull make more room for forward and central cabins, and of course make it more suitable for chartering.


A Standard Gulet, notice the pointed bow and rounded stern, all cabins are center and forward.

Ayna Ketch
Or simply Ketch Gulet, this is the ultimate in Charter Gulet development, a compromise between a sailing Gulet and ultimate functionality as a spacious charter boat. More suited to motoring than sailing, its design still allows some sailing opportunities in favorable wind conditions. The 'squared off' and deepened stern allows for the inclusion of cabins below a raised rear deck ideal for outdoor dining. The beam cross section is also deepened to eliminate as much as possible the inward slope of the hull in the cabins.

Ayna Ketch - Stern
The 'squared off' stern of an Ayna Ketch, the additional space below the rear deck can accommodate from 1 to 4 cabins depending on the size of the vessel.


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