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Third Quarter 2004
Based in the Aegean coastal resort of Bodrum offering a Gulet brokerage service for buyers and sellers...

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Our Commitment to You
We will add the details of your Gulet to our Website and may also include the details on any of the websites operated by our parent company Aegean Tour Travel. We may also elect to advertise your Gulet, but we cannot guarantee that we will do so.

If in our judgment your Gulet meets the approximate requirements of an inquirer we will provide your Gulet's details. We will act as a go between in the negotiations leading to a possible sale, working on your behalf, while dealing openly and honestly with the prospective buyer.

We will relay to you all offers, including those which we feel are too low, and we will not hold any offer back, even if negotiations are in progress.

We will present your Gulet in as fair and accurate a manner as possible, we will not withhold information from a prospective buyer even if it reflects negatively on the boat. We recommend that all buyers obtain an independent survey before purchasing any boat. Our policy is to attempt to find and discuss with the prospective buyer any faults prior to the survey, which a survey would reveal. We respectfully request that all known defects or anomalies are declared by the owner and that these are reflected in the sale price. We believe this policy increases buyer confidence and the likelihood of a sale, and reduces the possibility that a survey will halt a deal or needlessly increase negotiation time and/or a revised offer.

When and if a sale is negotiated, we will provide the necessary paperwork through to the close of the sale. We will hold the buyers deposit and final payment in a special clients account, on completion of the deal we will without delay forward the sale monies, less agreed commission and any other agreed disbursements, to the owner.

Brokerage is a profession that demands a reputation for absolute honesty and integrity, and you may expect this from us at all times.

In Brokerage, there is no substitute for repeat business and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.


Your Commitment to Us
We expect that you will provide us with as much accurate information as possible about your Gulet. It is important that you make us aware of your Gulet's defects, if any, as well as her good points. This allows us to present the boat fairly and accurately with a minimum of unpleasant surprises or extended negotiations that will inevitably arise if unforeseen problems are found during an independent survey.

We will not characterize your willingness to accept offers below the asking price except as instructed by you. If the asking price is firm and reflects the true current market value, we ask that you state this. If you are not sure of the current market value or of the cost of any repairs or other works required to the Gulet, we suggest the price is stated as 'reasonable offers around'. In this case we recommend you have your minimum price firmly in mind when you put your boat on the market. There is no need to communicate this figure to us, unless you instruct us to reject offers below a certain figure without contacting you. Most people choose to keep this figure to themselves, and prefer to hear all offers.

We expect you to treat us fairly and not compromise our position by making conflicting arrangements with other brokers of which we are unaware. We expect that you will not take any action to avoid a commission which we would be due under the terms of the listing agreement.

We expect that you will do everything you can reasonably do to make the boat available for viewings consistent with any restrictions you have put upon this in the listing agreement. Restrictions might include a certain amount of notice, non-interruption of a cruise in progress, our being there to supervise the customer, etc. Restrictions of this type should be kept to the minimum with which you are comfortable.

In the event you are unhappy with our service, we ask that you notify us of the reasons why you are dissatisfied. We will do everything in our power to correct whatever problem has occurred. In the event that you no longer wish to sell the boat or if you no longer want us to act as your broker, we expect you to notify us of this fact, as provided for by the listing agreement.




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